Practice Semester 1

Concatenation Loop Start End Java String Methods
Arithmetic Operators For Loop Even Java Substring Method
Relational Operators While Loop Practice Java Method Scope
String Variable   Java Method Calling
Scanner Variable Practice Array Practice Multi-Grade Array
Scanner User Survey Array Practice 1 Java Loops
IF Number Practice Array Practice 2 Switch Statement
IF ELSE Practice Array String  
If Else Temperature Array List Practice Code  
If Temperature Part 2 Array List Artists  
Loop Practice Array List Copy  
Oracle Section 2 Guessing Game Options Pane


Practice Semester 2

String Object Inheritance Animal Class Part 1 SQLite Database Part 2
String Variables Scanner Inheritance Animal Class Part 2 SQLite Login Code
  Java GUI Practice Adding Jar Files to Eclipse
  JFrame Button Color SQLite Database Part 3
Formatted String and Numbers JFrame Button Color Part 2 SQLite Database Part 4
Formatted Strings Personal Info JMenuBar Practice SQLite Database Part 5
  Firefox SQLite Database Set up SQLite Database Part 6


Java Graphical User Interface
CheckBox If Statement    


Java Games
Guessing Game Greenfoot Avoider Game Part 1