Exercises Semester 1

Primitive Variables Java Loop Addition Array Reverse
Arithmetic Operator Exercise Java Loop Salary Array and Loops
Java Operator Precedence Java Loop Salary Extended Sum of Multi-Array
StringInfo Java Loop Repeat Words BMI Calculator
Scanner User Info Java While Loop chapter number Bank PIN
Scanner School Info Loop Times Table Age Restrictions
IF Statement Box Office Java Loop Adding Values Space Boxing
IF Statement Tax Program Array Exercise 1 Five Counter Method Exercise
If Statement Discount Rate Array Corresponding Sum Java Method Area Calculation
If Statement Order Checker Part 1 Array Employees Nested Loop Number Pyramid
If Statement Order Checker Part 2 Array List Groceries Nested Loop Backward Pyramid
Order Checker Part 2 Help Array Groceries List User Input Nested Loop Pyramid
If Statement Order Checker Part 3 Array List Name Search Part 1  
If Statement Gas Mileage Array List Name Search Code  
  Interactive Quiz Fix the Code
String and Scanner Exercise Interactive Quiz Part 2 (Read directions)  
  Array Team Scores  
  Array Average  


Eclipse Printing Instruction NetBeans Printing Instructions


Exercises Semester 2

OOP Class Main (House) Printf Output Employee Info Form Control Ice Cream Code
OOP Class House Printf Employee Input Form Control Menu Order
OOP Store Inheritance Exercise Vehicles Menu Order Partial Code
OOP Store Main Java Form Control Part 1 Vending Machine Partial Code
OOP Books Java Form Control Part 2 Multi Windows Meal Order Part 1
OOP Books Part 2 Java Form Control Part 3 Multi Windows Meal Order Part 2
OOP Student Info Form Control Payment Code Multi Windows Meal Order Part 3
Formatted String Exercise Form Control Ice Cream Multi Windows Meal Order Part 4
Sorted List Multi Windows Registration Form Multi Windows Registration Form Variables
Multi Windows Results Form Multi Windows Registration Code Two Users Registration
Basic Calculator Calculator Code Calculator Code Part 2
Calculator Complete Code Do Not Copy MenuBar MenuBar Action Event
MenuBar Action Event Code MenuBar Extended  
SQLite Database
Menu Order Form Part 1 Menu Order Database Part 2 Menu Order Form SQLite Connection Part 3
Menu Order Crust Radio Button Part 4 Menu Order Adding Jar File Part 5 Menu Order Resuls Part 6
Menu Order Update Part 7 Update Code Only