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Chapter: Health Management
Chapter: Education
Chapter: Budgeting
Jay’s Savings Health Data Benefits of Education Compounding Data
Jay’s Savings Health Question Tables 1 and 2 Alex's Personal Budget
  Comparing Colleges Cutting The Family Budget
  Comparing Colleges Questions Alicia's Budget
    Alicia's Budget Sheet
    Family Budget
    Alicia Moves In
    Alicia Move's in Budget
Chapter: Banking
Chapter: Payroll and Taxes
Chapter: Buying a Car
Cary's Checking Statement Which Job Should She Take? Understanding Car Loans
Account Transactions January (Data) Which Job Should She Take Data Gary Benson's Commute
Account Transactions Register How Much You'll Make Last Name (A - C) Jasons-First-Car
Banking Exercises How Much You'll Make Last Name (D - L) Jasons-First-Car Part 2
Banking Fees How Much You'll Make Last Name (M - Z) Weekend Blowout Sale
My Account Statement Exercise Paycheck John & Tyler Amanda's Car
Carrie and Lisa's Scenario Questions Paycheck Angela & Amanda The Johnsons New Prius Part 1
Carrie and Lisa's Scenario Paycheck Rachel & Ruben Make up The Johnsons New Prius Part 2
  Payroll Taxes with Sales Sample Long Term Car Loans
Reuben Garza's Savings (Make up) Payroll Taxes with Sales Donna’s New Car
  Minimum Wage Vs. Movie Ticket  
  Movie Ticket & Wages Table Data  
  Health Insurance At Work (A - K)
  Payroll Example (L - Z)
Chapter: Insurance
Chapter: Credit and Credit Card
Chapter: Renting
Car Insurance Quote Credit Card Comparison (A-C) Brads Apartment Furnishings
Insurance Coverage Options (Reading) Credit Card Comparison (D-L) Brads New Apartment
Gary's Auto Insurance (Sample Only) Credit Card Comparison (M-Z) Brad-Drives-to-Raleigh
Porter's Auto Insurance Credit Card Math Mendoza's Utility Bill
Maria's Auto Insurance Credit Card Statement Reading Kyle's Insurance-Agreement Data
Teen Insurance Premiums Cary’s Credit Card Kyle's Renter's Insurance
  Your Credit Score Exercise Miguel's Apartment Agreement Data
Gasoline Prices 2001-2009 (Data Only) Credit Card Debt Exercise Miguel's Apartment Exercise
Gasoline Prices Exercise   Apartment's Furniture Data
Garys Insurance Answers Jeff's Credit Card Decisions My Apartment Exercise
Chapter: Shopping
Chapter: Investing
The Clothes Closet Ethans-Online-Investment  
Shopping Smart Miracle of Compounding Table  
Comparing Brands Miracle of Compounding Exercise  
Fast Food Nutrition Facts    
Fast Food Nutrition Exercise    
Brads Phone and Tablet    




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