Practice Semester 1

Computer Component Research Tower Building Activity Scratch Project - Clone Wars
Two Website Comparison HTML Text Editor Assignment Creating a Flappy Bird Scratch Game
Impact of Communication on Society HTML Text Editor File Right Click- Save As Scratch Creating a Basic Pong Game
Drawing Picture Activity Website Builder Practice Witch Image (right click and download)
Creating Beads Design Tutorial Room Picture Activity Scratch Project - Whack a Witch
Quiz Directions Binary Clock Sample  
Turing Test Questions Binary Clock Practice  
Computer Intelligence Activity Secret Binary Message  
Candy Break Problem Solving    
Unit Four Programming
Scratch Program One: Dialogue    




Word Cloud HTML Editor
Scratch Account Set up Website Builder
Eliza Image Editor
20Q Tynker
Pandorabots Binary Game Infinity Lab  
Infinity Lab Secret Word Classic Maze  
Classic Maze Secret Word Artist  
Artist Secret Word Gumball  
Gumball Secret Word